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Inovalley is an established international brand, distributor and designer of electronic products creatively designed for today’s lifestyles. Established in 1920, they have become synonymous for creating innovative products which are the combination of cutting-edge technology and European design that bridges people and technology, helping them understand their environment and enhance their daily lives.

Inovalley is a pioneer in Home Weather Stations, Audio Products, Digital Imaging, Personal Communications, Sports & Health and other consumer products which add value to daily living. These areas of expertise are at the centre of Inovalley’s core competencies in providing a first class, quality, innovative technology based product, relevant and appropriate to our consumer’s intended application.

Founded in France in 1920, a place and European centre renowned for its artistic creativity and dynamic designs combined with innovative technological advancement, proves inspirational in developing leading products for the world markets.

Inovalley’s R&D teams across Europe, US & Asia work close with manufacturers to develop new product designs and technologies for the advancement of life and living while ensuring people’s welfare and working conditions are upheld and standards are maintained.

Modern state of the art logistic distribution and warehousing facilities supply the European markets operating from Paris and centres in the UK ensuring prompt and timely deliveries in support of the retail,wholesale and e-commerce and the consumer requirements. 

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